The map below shows geotagged and timestamped photos for ongoing and completed activities. For photos on a specific activity, please selected the corresponding contract and click View Photos.

Progress Photos

Navigational Aids & Airfield Ground Lighting (KIRIBATI)

Installation of VSAT Satellite Communication Equipment (KIRIBATI)

Supply & Installation Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) Ground Stations (CXI & TRW)

New Terminal Building & ARFF Building - Cassidy International Airport

Terminal Improvements – Bonriki International Airport

Supply & Delivery of Tractors, Implements & Tools for TRW & CXI

Airfield Civil Works - Security Fencing for Bonriki International Airport

Construction of Bonriki Multipurpose Court and Toilet Blocks

Supply of VSAT Satellite Communication Equipment (KIRIBATI)

Supply & Delivery of Aircraft Rescue Fire Fighting Vehicles (4No.)

Supply of Fire Protection Equipment (Kiribati)