Project Activities Underway & Completed

K-A17.3 New Terminal Building - Cassidy International Airport

AUD 6,545,864.84

Design Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Supervision Consultant: Sir Frederick Snow & Partners, UK

Contractor: CCB Envico Pty Ltd, Australia

The new terminal will be officially opened on 29 May 2019.  Construction on the remote Kiritimati Atoll has been challenging, with 3 months between shipments and the need to import all materials and supplies.  The Contractor has worked closely with the local government and MICTTD, employing a predominantly local workforce to achieve a high quality result.

CXI Terminal

CXI Terminal site works being completed

K-A17.3 Terminal Building Refurbishment - Bonriki International Airport (TRW)

AUD 5,182,444.07

Design Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Supervision Consultant: Sir Frederick Snow & Partners, UK

Contractor: JV Reeves International Pty & CCB Envico Pty Ltd, Australia

The designers faced the challenge of increasing and improving the passenger facilitation within an existing and constrained terminal.  The designers approached the challenge with the introduction of a new checkin area extension, reconfiugured existing departures and arrivals halls to enable better flow and processing.  The introduction of a new baggage conveyor will see an improvement for all those who visit Tarawa on a regular basis.  The terminal will be completed by the end of June 2019, and future travellers will be impressed by their first impressions of Kiribati's main atoll.

TRW Terminal

New customs & arrivals area taking shape - under construction

K-A03 Supply & Installation of ADS-B Ground Stations at TRW & CXI

AUD 228,540

Contractor: Indra Australia Pty Ltd, Australia

Bonriki International Airport now has provisions to track and monitor ADS-B equipped aircraft with the recent installation of the ADS-B Groundstation by Indra.  ADS-B will also be utilised to assist search and rescue operations.


TRW Flight Service Cab with ADS-B installed

K-A16.1 TRW Seawalls & Coastal Protection

AUD 2,615,002.84

Design Consultant: Tonkin & Taylor

Supervision Consultant: Sir Frederick Snow & Partners

Contractor: CCB Envico/Reeves International JV

To mitigate the effects of climate change on Tarawa and prevent coastal erosion at the eastern end of the runway, improvements of the existing seawalls is underway.  Expected completion in June 2019.

 TRW Seawall

TRW Seawall rock armouring

K-A14 Runway Improvement Project

Design & Supervision Consultant: AECOM New Zealand

Contractor: McConnell Dowell Constructors Ltd, New Zealand

Resurfacing and structural overlay of the existing runway, apron and taxiway at Bonriki International Airport was completed in May 2016. The upgrade saw the milling and overlay with a nominal 65-100mm AC20 asphalt mix and new runway markings.

IMG 8374

Fiji Airways B737 on the newly resurfaced TRW apron