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The PAIP TFSU is pleased to announce the launch of a regional initiative to help build the capacity of personnel in the PAIP countries through a Free Training Program in Public Procurement. Click Here


A great new app called Mapillary, was used to create a seamless Google Street View style record of this infrastructure. 

These photos of London Cassidy road in SouthTarawa have been stitched together as record and might be useful for future work and mission.

London Cassidy Road


Kiribati Aviation Investment Project

The World Bank and the Government of Kiribati, through the Ministry of Information, Communication, Transport & Tourism Development, are currently implementing the Kiribati Aviation Investment Project to improve international airport infrastructure in Kiribati as part of the regional Pacific Aviation Investment Program (PAIP).  These programs are aimed primarily at improving airport safety and security within Kiribati and across the Pacific with countries including Tonga, Tuvalu, Samoa, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

The project is expected to comprise a set of physical aerodrome improvements and institutional strengthening activities. The project will see significant investment by the Government and World Bank in infrastructure activities at Bonriki International Airport (TRW) and Cassidy International Airport (CXI).

Primary beneficiaries are air travellers throughout the Pacific Islands, as well as the national and regional administrative bodies and personnel involved in air transport management, freight and passenger air service providers.

Other indirect beneficiaries are tourism-related services and seasonal labour markets.The project development objective is to improve operational safety and oversight of international and domestic air transport infrastructure.

For news and updates for ongoing progress or completed activities relating to the project please click here.

Specific detail on contract and financial status can be found at Contract Information.